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Monday, January 24, 2011

Certified Clothing is Here

And as Ted and I prepare ourselves for yet another snow day, we have made sure this time we are stocked up on cheap red wine, local, frozen raspberries for pancakes and of course indoor activities. Playing monopoly, or watching 5 movies is just too boring and we all know there's only so thumb wrestling the thumbs can handle. But perhaps, after two or three glasses of vino, the claustrophobicness of 350 square feet and the inability to spend money (AKA, we are too broke for online shopping) means....spontaneous underwear dancing. Turn the beat around baby.
On another note, Trans Fair (the mecca of fair trade certification, based in San Fran) after 3 years, has finally slapped it's label onto clothing! I did discover this on my snow day indeed! Transfair is taking the lead in this, and not only does this mean we will know clothing is organic and sustainable, but also FAIR. From the making of the fabric, to the production, to the tailoring- they will label the whole process fair. Europe has been kicking our ass in this process, so it's about time this has happened. Look for the black and white label or this logo to ensure what you are buying is fair:

    So there is now no reason, but to strut yourself in only fair trade polos and tees. Check out Tompkins Point and Hae. These are really easy ways to make a small difference. The polos cost the same as Ralph Lauren and the tees are great for printing on. 

Get your fair on. Get your whistling on. Get your underwear on.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm a Pelican, not a Penguin and that's OK

This is a snapshot from my window today:
At 8:30 AM Teddie shouts, "SNOW DAY!"
Ok, ok, so I wasn't as excited. The Florida grown child has seen rarely seen snow, let alone been given a day off because of detrimental weather in his life. So 'Ok', I tell myself, 'let him enjoy this moment of no school. Don't ruin it by telling him you left his cell phone in the car last night and it's probably frozen. Or that we are supposed to pull up the windshield wipers and now they could crack our windshield or that we are out of Earth Balance which means no pancakes, muffins or any sort of something you bake when it snows. As long as he doesn't pee all over my new sheets, he can jump up and down on the bed and be excited for snow all he wants...he's got 5 minutes. Don't get me the wrong, the snow is beautiful. But over the Christmas holiday, I was left with the strong impression that I'm a pelican, not a penguin and that's OK.

As I we walked along the shoreline at Mickler Beach on Christmas Day, I reflected. On the birth of Christ, on the transition of the previous year, my regrets, my successes and my longings for 2011. I'm huge on New Years Resolutions, but for the life of me, I couldn't come up with anything besides toning up the abdomen and reading more shallow, girlie magazines. (yes, it's true) A few days later, after Ted and I had checked into our favorite B n B in southern Florida (after a crazy week with a puppy, 7 adults, 2 broken sinks, and a headache) we walked along the coast again.  This time, around 4:30 PM; apparently the official hour of pelican partying. There were swarms (herds, crews, flocks,) yes flocks of them. As lovely as ever. They fly together in a V like other birds, but every so often, the one rebellious/hungry pelican nose dives into the ocean. I don't think he's always looking for fish. I think that maybe sometimes he's bored or restless. Or just in need of a dip. But one thing is for certain, he's always going to be a pelican. He will never waddle, he will never eat salmon, he will never march up icebergs to breed or have happy feet. He will soar, he will nose dive, he will eat sashimi in one gulp, he will sit on posts, perhaps he'll save Nemo and that's who he'll be. That's who she'll be. And she will be ok with being who she was made to be. I highly doubt pelicans feel the need or desire to be anything but a pelican. It's not that I have felt the pressure to conform, but often times, I think I, us, feel guilty for not being adaptable in certain situations, or for not having even the slightest desire to run an orphanage in Africa or to get our Masters degree or to care about politics. It's effing OK. So,this year I'm a pelican. And next year too. That's my resolution.

What does this have to do with fair trade you ask? Absolutely nothing. Except, It's only fair to be you. (Ok, so I tried to work it together and that was shit)
Happy 2011!

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