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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Interview with Fair Trade USA tomorrow!

What's up friends?

Thanks for all the recent lovin'! Us consumers are what makes the world go round and its great knowing all of you are doing your best to love people you've never met with your money.

I've got a ton of great information coming your way soon:
1. Victoria Secret and "fair trade" cotton lingerie. It ain't so angelic. But I found some companies who are!
2. CLAC: a new way to approach the fair trade model: the farmers set the standards. (um, what a thought!)
3. A preview of my summer writing: Palestinian olive farmers, brought to you straight from the West Bank.

And tomorrow, big news: I'm interviewing Paul Rice, the CEO of Fair Trade USA. Yes, I'm excited. Yes, I'm shitting my pantalones a little bit. Yes, I will let him speak. Yes, I will be as open-minded as possible. Yes, I will be kind to him. And yes, I will throw him some major hard balls. The phrase that keeps coming to me is this: agree to disagree. Send a prayer up for me for confidence, grace and really kick ass questions.

Happy Easter!