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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things.

Kenny Rogers anyone? I grew up thinking Kenny wrote this song. "Creamed colored ponies and crisp apple strudel." Okay, I'll spare you the rest. But Kenny was one of my favorite things growing up, because little did I know about culture growing up. Amy Grant and Kenny Rogers made up most of my mix tapes. Ace of Base was as cultural as I got. When I heard about Tupac junior year of college...(that's embarrassing) I really thought I was the shit. My husband, however, knew every word to every song of Tupac's in like 4th grade (and still does.. I often find him at the lab buried in his calculations, plugged into "Changes" and "Hit Em Up.") Franklin county is a much different place than "Dirty Duval."  So while I know you wish I was including both Kenny and Tupac on my list of favorite things this year, I think you'll be satisfied with my finds.  Move over Oprah, my list is cooler than yours.

First and foremost,
1. Sprouts. SPROUTS. made of 80% recycled material, 100% biodegradable watches. They are amazing. I was holding out on a sports watch for Ted's birthday back in September, so badly not wanting to give in to some watch made in China. And then one day, in Ross of all places, there it was. Sprouts.   They are made or organic cotton, corn, bamboo and conflict free diamonds. Made in the USA. I loved them so much I found one for myself too!

2. Second on the list is fair trade olive oil. FLO helped Palestinian farmers in the West Bank certify their olive farms and sell their olive oil for a fairer price. Higher Grounds Coffee Roasting, based out of Michigan, sells their olive oil online. It is smooth. Creamy.. and so nice with some organic ciabatta and herbs. I highly recommend it for the chef in your family this Christmas.

3. Celebrate Advent with a Divine calendar. This is the first time Ted and I have decided to celebrate Advent together. Read through the passages. Open the calendar together. Light the candles. It's been beautiful. It's keeping us centered this year and its way cool to celebrate Advent knowing we are doing it fairly.
4. Preserve Tooth Brush. A stocking stuffer must!
Based out of Waltham, MA, I recently discovered this company at a Bioneers conference this fall. So, the toothbrush is made out of recycled yogurt cups. They are packaged in an.. envelope! Yes, once you are finished with the toothbrush, you stick it back in its original pre-stamped packaging and they recycle the toothbrush for you!
How freaking cool is that. LOVE this company. You can find them at Whole Foods and they also make tableware and dishes too.

5. Simply Organic and Fair Trade Cake Mixes. Seriously- are we still sifting flour and sugar?  Check this out. Gluten Free. Dairy Free. Fair Trade. Organic. DELICIOUS. A must for on-the go Christmas baking.

I'll be back in a week or two with My Favorite Things Part II...

I hope this Christmas season you take space to reflect. You'll never make space. You just have to take it. Say no to a party or that one present you must find to make Christmas extra special. It's special without the fluff. Even without the fair trade presents. You being present is the most important thing you can offer to Christ. To your family. And to yourself.
Kenny forgot to add 'being present' to his list of favorite things, but you- You put it on your list.