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Monday, October 18, 2010

Get Your Cameras Rolling...

Pam got me thinking.. The answer to Pam's question is YES. Let's go to Gainesville over Christmas. Let's intentionally visit.

In my last entry, I wrote about Good Society Jeans.. Has anyone tried them on yet? Pam also listed several other brands that I've heard of and am about to break down for you. But first, this is exactly what I'm going to do over the soon to come gray, gray, dark days, which
will turn into about 6 months of black, icy days...
I'm going to start making road trips to the local shops that carry Fair Trade options. I've already visited a few in Portsmouth, NH, a few in Boston and of course checked out the one, token item in several stores. I always ask the managers a thousand questions and come back to write it out all out. Bump that. Let's get the cameras rolling.

So here's what I'm proposing: YOU TOO. You start doing this. With all of our fancy cell phones or digital something or other, we can take short clips of Fair products we find. Try them on. Smell them. Rate them. Get the cost and the facts. Email me at and we can start posting our findings up here. This blog is not about Julie and her rants. Its about us, standing for people who can not afford to stand for themselves.
Here's the breakdown on some of the brands Pam mentioned.

Ethletic: Calling all Chuck Taylor fans: These are the fair versio
n. They cost about $62 for the high tops
and $47 for the low rise. Not really too much more than Chuck Taylors. I've only seen them in black, but they are sturdy. You can order them online at and many Fair Trade stores are carrying them now. Be on the look out.

was started by one of my dearest friends brothers, Mike Fretto, right in my Florida hometown of Saint Augustine. They are freaking awesome. They take local stories of need in local communities, create beautiful graphics and put the stories on t-shirts. The t-shirts are sweatshop free and 60% of the profits go to t
he individual or group in need.

Jedidiah: Similar to Rosa Loves, but they print and make sweatshop free t-shirts based on larger scale charities and their stories in order to bring awareness to social justice issues. Their Hope Collection features tees for Invisible Children, World Vision, Compassion International, Not For Sale and others. They also have sweaters, a few pretty hip shoe options and some skinny pants. Their prices are about the same as Urban Outfitters.

TOMS Shoes: I'm assuming you've heard. Tom has made his mark. Whole Foods carries TOMS now. I was blown away when I saw that. And, they have come a long way. Much sturdier now than in the past. My first pair took me all over Argentina and South America as a matter of fact. (Eric Snow, if you're reading this, you my man, were right.) You buy one. Kids in Argentina
get one. Not the exact shoe you buy, but a nice sturdy one that fits into the culture.

I can't tell if OBEY is Fair or not. Although they seem pretty rad, there's no info I'm finding on where their apparel is made. They don't mention it, so I'm assuming not, until I look further into it.

Listen, next time you see me, there will be some footage. And hopefully I'll be hearing from you soon too.

Also, coming soon is a featured posting of my neighbor/friend Yao. She's got great insight into the way Western capitalism has enslaved China. And the potential negative impact that Fair Trade factories may have in China.

See you soon.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Back and Blogging

The best news yet:

Check out -- for FAIR TRADE JEANS!!!!!!!!!!!

Sold in stores all over US. I haven't checked into price yet, but they are made in India are fully sustainable and HOT!....

I know. I disappeared. So, it was summer. We were in Florida. I never sat behind the computer. Vitality came back to me and for 4 months, we detoxed. From Massachusetts. From term papers. From shitty jobs. We went home with family, took a crazy trip to Costa Rica with Chris and Pam and spent almost every single day floating in the waves (well, Thomas tried to float!)

But I'm back. I never stopped researching or pressing on with supporting only the fairest of companies, but I have by no means been perfect in this journey. It's nearly impossible. And completely exhausting. But we are keeping on, doing the best we can.

For all of you year round beach bums, the options for bikinis and swimming trousers are limited. I did find one designer who hand makes bikinis, but for a high price. The cheapest was $200. So...I completely compromised and bought 2 new ones at.... please don't hate me.....Target.... I was desperate. Desperate to rip off my clothes and do sand angels at St. Aug Beach and body surfing at Sebastian Inlet, I gave in.. (why didn't we just go to the nude beaches? oh yeah, that 14 year old shadow of mine..)

I was torn inside at doing this. I hate this. I hate that the options are limited. I hate that people are suffering for the sake of our ward robes. I hate that I love clothing so much and that with a closet full of clothing, I like none of it. Sometimes I wish I could throw on my torn jeans and be respected at my job. Sometimes I wish I could meet with CEO of Banana Republic and all the rest of them to ask them if they can sleep at night. Ask him if they dream about all of the Jose's and Cecilia's who eat 1x a day so he can drive his Lexus. It's bullshit.
SO- I've come to 2 conclusions:
1. This journey won't stop at the end of this year. It's a decison I want to press into for as long as I live.

2. I'm opening up shop. The research to open a business or start a Fair Trade label has begun. I don't know exactly how it will look yet or when it will all come together, but we are doing this. Any feedback you have is highly desired.