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Monday, April 4, 2011

Bringing Home Baby

I gotta make this short cause it's the NCAA championship tonight and I'm in the running to beat Ted in our brackets. Both our teams are out but if Butler wins, I win and I really like to win, especially in competitions with Ted. We find ourselves making competitions out of everything. I typically lose when he says, "who can be the most quiet for the next 3 hours while I study.' I gave up on that competition a long time ago. But tonight is mine....

Anyway, since I'm getting old, by getting old I mean, my friends are starting to reproduce aka have babies, I thought I'd throw up my findings on baby gear. This won't excite all of you, but maybe someday you'll look back when you find yourself at baby showers once a month on Saturdays. I skipped the one I RSVP'd for this past Saturday. Mainly exhaustion kept me home (sorry Tina, let's do lunch soon though?!), but also I can't handle any more finger sandwiches and sickening sweet punch. And also the 'name the poo in the diaper' game. I'm over that. (So Pam, if I ever and you know I mean like if I accidently find myself pregnant and I call you flipping the hell out, puleeazzzee take me out dancin and for virgin drinks for me, I mean my baby shower...)OK, so get to it Julie, it's almost the end of the first half.
For those of you with child, check out Levana Naturals. They have organic clothing, blankets and staples for infants and a few pieces for toddlers. They don't say where their clothing is produced from what I can tell, but they claim fair trade status so I'd say they are a go. Plus their prices are actually reasonable. I love their knot hats for infants.
The mecca of baby gear seems to be Oompa You can select on the left hand column 'Made in USA', 'Made in Europe', Organic, etc. You have to do some sifting, but I found fair infant plates and silverware, cute toys, bedding. It's a must for soon to be parents.... (hint hint Tina!)
For those of you supporting a child via baby shower check out: Conscious Child
They carry slightly used goods and handful of fair trade baby tees and cute finger puppets. Their used gear is actually quite decent and eco friendly.
Maybe one of my favorites is Isa Booties (the photo up top) They are the cutest, made in the USA, eco friendly leather little shoes. They cost $29 a pair, but a very solid company both environmentally and fairly.
Lastly, Fair Indigo has a cute line, just a few things, but pretty cute animal blankets and pajamas. 

Okay, moms and pops, this kiddo is hitting up some Ben and Jerrys and some NCAA.
Until next time.....